A.Bruno Production Management was founded in 1994 resulting from the experience acquired by Antonio Bruno and Alessandro Orlandi as a result of working for more than 20 years with italian and foreign companies such as: Qantas, Agip, Ferrero, Eni, Schweppes, Skoda, Pfizer, Telstra, Apple, Chevrolet, Monopoli di Stato, Isaia Napoli taylor, Crocker jeans, Io Donna Magazine, Triumph Lingerie, Renault, Cavit wine among others.

As well as industry leading production companies some of which include: MDP Wordlwide. C- Films, Tbs Turner, Produktion Blau, Marken Film, Slutzky, New Ways.

Directors such as: Chris Gillen, Peter Reichenbach, Jonas Mc Cord, Marcus Sternberg, Luca e Marcello Lucini, Franco Taviani, Claudio Failoni, Enrico Sannia, Jaime De La Peña, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani.

In conjunction with world renowned photographers: Ferdinando Scianna, Gianpaolo Barbieri, Ted Fahn, Stefano Gilera, Favio Bonetti, Alex Vivarelli, Guly Cohen, just to name a few.

When operating in unfamiliar surroundings you need to know the lay of the land, someone to cut the red tape. We offer a bespoke service that will cater to all your requirements, offering experience and excellence and an answer to all your needs.
• Location scouting all over Italy, permits to shoot, location insurance, clarification and application of law D.Lgs 81/08 regarding workers safety
• Video web casting, actors, extras, street casting
• Logistics and organization
• English speaking crews
• Cutting edge cameras, grip and electrical equipment
• Troupe Eng, recording systems Black Magic, Camera 2.5K and Full Hd
• Labs and post production
• Transportation, travel arrangements and hotel accomodation
• Unit vans, Vip cars, limousine, catering and craft service

In Italy has a wealth of breathtaking exclusive locations: both natural and artistic, landscapes, archaeological sites, coupled with historical cities and film studios like the famous Cinecitta in Rome.

The availability of professional crews, an established movie industry with high standards and a tradition in film making are all very good reasons to shoot your next project in Italy.