A.Bruno Production Management was founded in 1994 resulting from the experience acquired by Antonio Bruno as a result of working for more than 20 years with italian and foreign production companies and clients as: Qantas, Agip, Ferrero, Eni, Schweppes, Skoda, Pfizer, Telstra, Apple, Chevrolet, Monopoli di Stato, Isaia Napoli taylor, Crocker jeans, Io Donna Magazine, Triumph Lingerie, Renault, Cavit wine, Moccona coffee etc

• Location scouting all over Italy, permits to shoot, location insurance,
• Video web casting, actors, extras, street casting
• Logistics and organization
• English speaking crews
• Cutting edge cameras, grip and electrical equipment
• Troupe Eng, Black Magic, Cameras Full Hd
• Labs and post production
• Transportation, travel arrangements and hotel accomodation
• Unit vans, Vip cars, limousine, catering and craft service